Hi all,

I have been trying for awhile now to get into the plumbing field. I've had no luck, and I'm just looking for feedback to see if there is something I'm missing or if this is just a case of not enough work to go around.

I have a very keen interest in plumbing. To that end, I have studied it both in a classroom setting and on my own. I read multiple plumbing books and articles in my free time. I do my own plumbing work at home and as much as is available on my job (I currently work in building maintenance). I've soldered copper, made pvc and pex connections, replaced faucets, toilets, undersink drain piping, etc. Obviously, I would be an apprentice, but I'm also not a complete beginner. At the very least, I hope people can see my sincere interest in the field.

When contacting plumbing contractors, I have even offered to work for minimum wage just to get started in the field professionally so that I can work towards getting a license. No one is interested.

I'm 28 years old. I have no criminal record. I can provide references. I have no restrictions on my driver's license. I have no problem getting my hands dirty. What am I missing?

I would appreciate any help or insight from the professional plumbers out there.