I have installed 1/2" Hardie on the shower walls, and I have also installed a Noble Preformed Niche.

I asked my tile place about installing the kerdi on the walls and over the edge of the Niche. I was told unmodified thinset would be sufficient for the walls as well as to attache he kerdi to the niche. I'm not planning on wrapping the whole niche, just run the kerdi to the inside edge of the front fascia....

They could easily have sold me a $25 tube of kerdi-fix, but I guess they didn't feel it was needed.

Does this sounds about right?


A small section of one shower wall is hiding a new pocket door. Attaching the Hardie to the thin supports that goes along with pocket doors turned out to be a bit difficult because there is not much meat to screw the Hardie to, and as a result ~ 1/16 of the crew-heads are sticking up from the Hardie. It is minimal, but still, the are not 100% flush

Am I asking for trouble installing the kerdi and installing tile over this?

I appreciate any feedback!