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    I live in a non-basement house that sits on a slab. After having my foundation lifted they told me that some of my drain pipes cracked. Is there any way for me to check for leaks.

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    How do they know. The only way is to have a pipe locating company try to send a video camera through the lines and see if they can see any breaks. Some pipes may be too small or have too many fittings to inspect them, and some breaks might not be obvious even to a camera.

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    A plummer with a camera did run it through and did not see a break. It was a plummer with the same company that lifted the foundation. I dug a trench down the side of the house were the bathroom is, there is no evidence of a leak or a smell. The project was done on Dec.2 and its over a month later, would there be some absolute evidence of a problem by now.


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