My house was built in the 60's and I assume original 3 handle bathtub faucet. "Standard" "Made in USA" is stamped on the drain lever cover. I can remove the handles and escutcheon and the packing nut with a 5/8" wrench. I see a larger hex nut behind that. The packing nut was screwed into that larger hex. However that larger nut is rexessed about 1/4" in a thick sleeve. The points of the hex are flush tight with the sleve ID. A flat blade screwdriver will enter between the hex flats and sleeve ID. The sleeve is too far into the wall to grab on the OD. I can see all the way back on the sleeve OD and there is no hex feature for a socket. I tried backing the stem out throught the packing with no luck. Do they make a socket with tabs or ears to engage the hex flats inside the sleeve. Or is there another solution.
Thanks for any help.