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Thread: help on unusual well scale

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    Default help on unusual well slime (scale)

    We pulled a pump yesterday and found some unusual scaling in the well. The scale had a jelly-like consistency and is brown to red in color. It is thick. Where the drop pipe is submerged it is half an inch thick and at places it gets up to one and a half inches thick. The well is made in the Fox Hills formation which is bedrock sand. I believe it is part of the Fort Union formation. Below are pictures and typical fox hills water chemistry.

    The well is around 1600’ deep. The swl is 200 and pwl is 600’. It has a 40 hp Grundfos pump on 3” galvanized drop pipe. BTW the Grundfos failed.

    Conductivity 1900 micro ohms / cm
    Sar 52.7
    pH 8.53
    Residual sodium carbonate 15.26 meq/l
    Hardness 1.0 grains/gal 17 mg/l
    TDS 1622 mg/l
    Sodium chloride 95 mg/l
    Calcium 6 mg/l
    Magnesium 0
    Sodium 500 mg/l
    Iron 0
    Potassium 2 mg/l
    Chloride 58 mg/l
    Carbonate 24 mg/l
    Bicarbonate 903 mg/l
    Sulfate 129 mg/l
    Nitrate-n 0

    The pictures shows a frozen sample
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