I'm adding a wet bar in a finished basement and need to run pex to it (finished ceiling, limited access, etc). I have a few options I have looked at and discarded and am now down to the short straws. I would prefer to make the connection to the existing copper water lines in what is a fairly small opening in the ceiling. Big enough to cut in, solder in, but not to crimp/compress in, so here is the question. Can I attach and crimp the Pex to the t-connector and then solder the t-connector to the copper last? Of course my preference and the right way to do this would be to crimp last, so no need to tell me that. I have looked at and thought about products like Shark Bite, but due to location (closed, in basement ceiling) I don't want to risk a leak down the line, so thanks but no thanks. Yes, I could run the line back to an open part of the basement, adding 20' to the run, but that is my second choice. I'm just wondering if there is any real risk to the crimped Pex connection if the sweating to copper is done last. Keep in mind this is a T (copper-Pex-copper) connector and not a straight copper-Pex adapter.