I've been researching over and over on the vast amount of systems available and all of the mixed advice on what to install and need some help. I recently purchased a home that has a well. We inherited a RainSoft whole house water softener(.5 cu ft) and a reverse osmosis system for drinking water. There is an inline 10" sediment filter and I need a recommendation on a good filter to use in this, the Kinetico rep said don't use a carbon filter to uses 20micron cartridge. Our iron is 4mg/L and sulfates are 380mg/L, My pH is 7.0, Hardness is 610 mg/L, Manganese is 0.047 mg/L. and my flow rate is 10gpm.

I would like to remove the iron and sulfates. I've looked at Greensand and Pyrolox systems and also had systems suggested by Kinetico and Rain Soft. I've also looked at companies online such as Water Anywhere, Budget Water, Quality Water for Less and more. I'm close to buying a Fleck 5600SXT with 1.25 cu ft tank and SST-60 resin. I know I'm not the first person with this issue, but there are so many options, I need some real world advice.

On a related note, our hot water has a bad "rotten egg" smell, I've been told to remove the anode, or replace the Anode with an aluminum anode, or that treating the iron/sulfates will cure this. Again, looking for advice on this. Thank you!!