I am looking to install whole house surge protectors, I have few questions, I would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions:

I have two 200Amp service panels, Cutler Hammer CH series 42 circuits. Here are few questions:

(1) which surge protector would you recommend? Leviton 51120-1 or Cutler Hammer CHSPT2ULTRA single pole?

(2) Since I have two panels, do I need to install one in each panel?

(3) I understand that surge protector should be mounted as close to the service leads as possible.

Panel 1: I have 30amp breaker in position 1 and 3.
I have two 20amp breakers in position 2 and 4.

I guess I can connect surge protector to breakers 2/4, correct?

Panel 2: I have 60amp breaker in position 1 and 3. (wired for future, not used)
I have 15amp breakers in position 2 and 4.

I have 20amp breakers in position 5 and 7.

Should I move breakers 5 and 7 to position 1 and 3 and hook up surge protector to that or 5 and 7 would be fine?