I love the looks of the Kohler Memoirs elongated comfort height toilet, but I have been spooked by some of the reviews. My main concern is flush power and bowl washing effectiveness. I believe Kohler came out with an updated Class 5 version around May 2011 that has functional rim jets which may be an improvement. I have also read that the tank stands about 3 inches away from the wall on a standard 12 inch rough-in. I read one review saying that the rim height was only about 5 inches above the water level which is not good for men. I also noted that the Kohler got a 1000 rating on the flush power tests while the Toto only got an 800. But I am not sure these numbers tell the whole story.

As much as I love the looks of this item, I do not want to sacrifice performance for looks. If anybody owns, uses, or knows about this toilet, your feedback would be most useful. Thanks much.