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Thread: Great Basic Shower head help needed please

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    Question Great Basic Shower head help needed please

    I need help on finding a great shower head. Not a hand held or multiple shower heads type one. Just a basic one that connects to the basic type plumbing that comes out of the wall. One that is simple to install. Like unscrew the old one and screw on the new one-LOL My DH likes it to have multiple settings. he likes the one that is really strong for rinsing.
    I am plumbing challenged-LOL
    I have been going through the Home Depot ones. Have not found one yet.
    Any suggestions????
    Thanks so much!!!!

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    Try the other big box store.

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    I'm partial to Grohe, but I've not really tried that many. I bought my mother one, and she really likes it. Assuming you have a standard shower arm, it truely is unscrew the old one, put on some teflon tape, and then screw the new one on. Most of them are that way. If you have an odd-ball shower arm, it could be more complicated. The one I bought her has four settings. The nozzles are a semi-rigid plastic materia. If they get limed up, you just brush it with your fingers, it flexes slightly and it all comes off.
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    If you are hoping for a really strong spray with lots of water, it is not going to happen. It is against the law. You have to get used to the taking a low flow shower. I have found the Delta/Alsons to my liking.

    You could check your household pressure and insure if is above 60. I keep mine up about 70, and that does help the shower.

    I am not crazy about any of the fancy massage functions, and find they do not work well unless you have very good pressure.

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    Default shower

    The cheap ones are good enough to take a real good shower with.
    You get all wet just as with all shower heads.
    Some of them are even better and last longer.

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    Default Drill Out the Flow Restrictor

    "If you are hoping for a really strong spray with lots of water, it is not going to happen. It is against the law. You have to get used to the taking a low flow shower."

    It's against the law to sell them but the water police aren't going to arrest you if you fix your own shower.

    There is usually a restrictor with a small hole that is visible and accessible if you disassemble the things that will unscrew. Taking some care so you don't wreck something or hurt yourself, drill out the restrictor to as large as you can, and try to chamfer or round off the edge of the inlet side of the hole. A Dremel tool often works great.

    Even a 50% increase in diameter adds a lot to the flow capacity of a restrictor.

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    I'm a big fan of the military style shower head, they're about $2 at most hardware stores and they are small metal piviotable heads. They preform great, with great pressure and they're really easy to install. So simple, so perfect.


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