Our basement had a bathroom rough-in and sewage basin installed when the house was built (~25 years ago). I'm in the process of finishing the basement now, and will have to replace the sewage basin lid as the current one is rusted and has no gaskets/grommets to make it liquid-tight/air-tight. The big box stores in our area only have 1 design, and the holes don't look to be in the same location as my current lid (plus the lid isn't split for "easy" access in the case of a pump failure). I found this website http://www.jackelinc.com/pdf-files/0...age-covers.pdf that has my current lid (model STL114), but they don't have any suppliers in my area and won't return emails.

Where do you goes go to get sewage basin lids? Do you try to match the hole cutouts, or just repipe to match what lid you can find?