Tone Generator: I had imagined some Tesla resonant frequency. Will leave the audio tone generator in storage.

Neutral 10ga Wire: no neutral with the 240 water pump as had been stated. At the main breaker box, the ground is a white wire which runs into UF to the pressure switch ground terminals. It should be a green wire coming from the bonded ground buss bar. I had that moment of doubt at the Depot: green or white? Bought green.

I bought a Harbor Freight disposable amp meter and if I get this pump running soon, I will test current through water pump wires. The electrician had said to replace the 240 2-pole 20 amp breaker with a 240 2-pole 30 amp. Everyone on the forums disagrees: stay with the 20 amp unless wiring a sub-panel. DonL started to figure out the possible amp draw. The drillers of this well (1970's) are out of business. I guess the only way to tell is with the amp meter/probe. I did not want to put a higher amp breaker in as it will give the pump more time to get damaged by any remaining or future problem.