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Thread: Any Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Gurus Here

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    Default Any Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Gurus Here

    Enlighten Me. Is the remote just a *remote* that sends IR commands to the unit.

    I have a couple here and there...some units have the Max Cool function, etc.

    I suppose for all intents and purposes, the remotes work on all the units (minus the buttons where some units may gave the feature or not ---- like the *eye* sensor).

    Just asking for informational purposes.

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    As long as they are on the same IR frequency, you can even program a good universal TV remote to control them.

    If your computer has a IR transmitter then you can use that as well.

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    Without seeing it, it's hard to tell. There are both IR and RF remotes. If you point it at something you know has an IR remote, even though the device doesn't respond, do you see the receive light on it flash? Not always a good indicator, but is valid if it works.
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