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Thread: Thoughts on American Standard Cadet Dual Flush?

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    Default Thoughts on American Standard Cadet Dual Flush?

    Anybody out there have any reviews/thoughts on the American Standard Cadet Dual Flush? I've done some research online and it has received some good reviews, but in all honesty, one can't always trust reviews on places like Home Depot, etc. I'm looking to replace my existing (enormous) main bath toilet, and I thought this would be a great fit, due to the dual flush capability and water savings. The main thing that scares me is that has a 2" trapway. I admit to knowing nothing about toilets, aside from the minimal research I've done online over the last week, so forgive me of anything I say that is wrong. The other features:
    High efficiency, low consumption
    - Full Flush (6.0 Lpf/1.6 gpf)
    - Partial Flush (3.8 Lpf/1.0 gpf)
    This elongated toilet meets WaterSense criteria to help reduce water consumption. For durability, it is made from vitreous china. The toilet comes with a seat, bolt caps and wax ring.
    2-piece, all-in-one design with an elongated bowl
    High-efficiency, dual-flush toilet with top mounted push button actuator meets WaterSense criteria
    Vitreous china construction
    EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew
    Fully glazed 2 in. trapway
    Includes color-matched EverClean seat, bolt caps and wax ring
    Eco Options : Eco Options
    MFG Brand Name : American Standard
    MFG Model # : 3380.216NT.020
    MFG Part # : 3380.216NT.020

    Plus the price isn't too cheap, and it isn't too expensive... like Goldilocks, it's just right at about $200. Any help/warnings/blessings anybody can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your time!
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    American Standard toilets get mixed reviews on this forum. The major problem seems to be quality control issues. These are made in Mexico, and the clay used is too wet which causes slumps in the casting process. If you are committed to AS, then inspect the entire product carefully before taking it home. Make use it sets level, has no visible patches, or any other flaws that you can see. Many of the pro plumbers on this forum will not mess with AS because of the high rate of defects which require extra trips to the supply house for an exchange. They seem to work OK once you get a good one. $200 is still pretty cheap for a non-builder grade toilet. I would suggest you look at the Toto line before making a decision.

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    Somewhat I agree with Gary.
    We got our Cadet 3 standard flush (no dual - must be a new model as I never knew they made them) from Home Depot. The one we got was fine, but others have seen quality control issues. We got the $99 install done for us, so if something was wrong with it, the installer could have taken it back.

    AS might be fixing that track record, I haven't seen anything recent, just old reports.

    We have the 1.28 gallon HE Compact Cadet 3, but if it has 1.6 and 1.0, the Cadet 3's (and Champion 4) rate at 1000+ grams, the Max on the MAP scale.
    While Toto's have higher quality...what that means I cannot say, maybe less returns for defects...their best model only has a 800 grams rating.

    In hindsight, Quality to me means - A. It's built where it dont wobble, fall apart easily and uses quality parts (AS uses FluidMaster valves - great quality), and B. It flushes alot of waste.

    I have to say the forum is biased to Toto's. Ian Gill, me, and others have Cadet 3's and love them.
    It's your choice eventually - just giving my .02
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    I have looked at the Toto line and was very impressed. Unfortunately, I have a strict budget and have to stick to it. I can only afford $250 MAX for everything included. I know you get what you pay for, which is why I'm trying to get the best product for my budget. I hadn't planned on my current toilet completely breaking and needing to be replaced so unexpectedly (but then again, who does), so I don't have the luxury of saving up additional money. Ah, the joys of being a single woman and owning my own house Back to the point, I'm trying to find the best toilet that will fit in my budget. I'm okay with hearing that people have had it and would not recommend, which would just send me back to the drawing board of looking for another toilet under $200 that is the best bang for the buck. However, I'm very happy to read the above review that chrisf8657 has good reviews of the Cadet 3. I'll take any additional positives or negatives that anybody has to offer. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baker View Post
    I have looked at the Toto line and was very impressed. Unfortunately, I have a strict budget and have to stick to it. I can only afford $250 MAX for everything included.
    The Toto Drake can be had for about $200.

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