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Thread: Swapping Toilet and Shower locations

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    Default Swapping Toilet and Shower locations

    I'm redoing a bath and want to swap out a shower and toilet.
    Currently the toilet is at the end of a horizontal branch drain line and shares a wet vent with the lavatory sink.

    Following is a top view of the current horizontal branch (secondary) drain line of concern which (Y's) into the main line. Both the secondary and main line run

    I use the following notation:
    L - lavatory drain
    WV - wet vent (2 inch) shared by lavatory and toilet
    T - Toilet
    S - Shower
    DV - Dry vent (2 inch)
    MAIN - Main Line (3 inch)

    A top view of the current configuration is:

    T -- WV ---- S -- DV -----------| MAIN

    By swapping the Toilet and Shower I believe I'm not in code -- OR --
    am I reading it wrong "A toilet is required to be at the end of the drain line"??

    If not in code compliance, if I run a separate line parallel line to the current line with just the Lavatory and Shower on it and tie it in just before the dry vent , will this put me back in compliance?
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