Hi everyone,

I need some good advices. I need a Remote Faucet (to be used with Garden Hose) for a Flower Bed about 100 feet from the main house.
This is for manually watering the flowers, plants etc. (yes, for manual use and not for sprinkler system).

* House water pressure is about 100 psi, so I have enough pressure to go 100 ft to the Flower Bed.
* The house currently has underground sprinkler system, so I am familiar with Sprinkler Black Polyethylene piping.

* I want to run some underground piping for a Remote Faucet for Flower Bed.

Here are my questions:

1. I understand copper piping is probably the best, so I don't mind doing copper but....do I have to use copper?

2. Has anyone used Sprinkler Black Polyethylene for this (using appropriate adaptors, Oetiker clamps etc. etc.)?
I will turn off the water when not in use but can Polyethylene connections handle the static pressure of 100 psi?


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