Going on 24 years old and has intermittently always given me grief. Seems like a couple times a year it just quits.
Often if I shut off the breaker for 5 or 10 minutes and back on, it will work fine for another 6 months.
Today, we're in the middle of TS Irene. Did some work inside and relieved that the power did not go out.
Get in the shower and no hot water. Great!!!!
Open up the boiler and the purge light is flashing.
I shut it off for a minute and back on. The blower (I think) starts immediately, but then shuts off after a few seconds, then nothing.
I shut it off for a few minutes this time. Turn on the breaker and the power light goes on and does nothing.
I tap the control module (ok I hit it hard) and wiggled the wires a little and it purged, ignited, and the valve light goes on as norm. Now seems to be fine.
Any ideas to try?
A little electrical spray in the connectors or maybe just replace the control board and hope?