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Thread: Niagara Flapperless - any improvement since 2008?

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    Default Niagara Flapperless - any improvement since 2008?

    I read the thread on this from a few years ago, concluding that the Flapperless had too many problems to be a top performer. Has anyone seen improvement in this product since then? (My sister loves hers, a recent acquisition)


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    Some will and some won't.
    Some of the comments for any of these products, will vary by user.

    The last flapperless I used didn't have enough water for my purposes. I was hogging the bathroom for a while.
    But for someone else, I'm sure it worked fine. It helps if you are in the very normal range and use paper that isn't too thick. I have some health issues right now, and I find that the Sanagloss bowls of the Toto work well, and when I switch up brands, I tend to find some that work for me and some that don't do well at all. My health issues will return to normall by next Winter I'm told.
    Right now, it's a pretty handy testing method for those of us going through it.
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