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Thread: Which Brand for Ease of Installation: Shower/Bath Remodel

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    Default Which Brand for Ease of Installation: Shower/Bath Remodel

    OK, I have exactly one bath remodel under my belt. I used Toto parts exclusively for that job, primarily because we liked a particular suite of products (everything has to match). I am now getting ready to do a remodel of the main bath. I am wondering if there is something better out there, particularly from an ease of installation standpoint. I briefly looked at a Kohler setup, and downloaded the installation guides for some of the components. What caught my eye was the spec. for the tub spout: it calls for a 1/2' nipple coming beyond the finished wall surface by exactly 1/2". I called Kohler and asked if there was some tolerance on this spec. (surely it will tolerate plus/minus some reasonable amount to allow for variances in finished wall thickness, etc.). They said no more than 1/32" tolerance. I must be missing something here. For the mixing/diverter valves, they indicated that the tolerance is +/- 1/8", a little better, but still does not leave a lot of room for error. By now you realize I'm an amateur: how do the pros get these parts installed so that everything is dialed in the way it should be? Is there a brand that is superior from the point of view of allowing the installer some degree of adjustability after the finished wall is in place? Thanks

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    Kohler designs stuff for the engineer, not necessarily for the consumer IMHO. I'd look at something a little more forgiving. Many of the plumbers here like Delta, and some other brands. I'm not a pro, but I've had good luck with Grohe stuff. On almost any other namebrand, you'll have better luck getting parts down the line when things start to wear out. Kohler may be able to provide the parts, but you'll probably have to order them, where you'll get them locally from most places if needed in a hurry.
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    Oh its a stamped response. nice

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