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A "really" good plumber would probably be able to replace the valve from the front, but he would also be able to remove the "dome nut" without cutting it or damaging the copper tubes holding the faucet together. The copper tubes are NOT "work hardened" and they WILL twist off very easily if you abuse the faucet body.
HJ,.....I know they are not work hardened. Fortunately I saw the body move a VERY small amount. They did not kink or crack thankfully.

I just got back from one of the industrial places I do work for, and talked to one of their guys that is a plumber. He said these valves can be a real PIA when they don't come off easily, but didn't really have any hints.

Since you said a good plumber could remove the nut without cutting, can you tell me what the secret is? LOL
I soaked it for hours in WD40 and it would not budge.
I really would like to simply replace the guts of this one for now, as I plan to remodel this entire bath in a year or so. I will need a new bonnet nut at this point anyway, as I managed to dig through the chrome finish trying to get it loose. I hate to try and cut it since I am afraid of hitting the threads on the brass body that the rim of the bonnet nut connects to.

Any other tricks would be appreciated!!