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Thread: Dishwasher does not roll-out

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    Question Dishwasher does not roll-out


    I am in the process of remodeling, and discovered once the countertop was installed I was unable to roll out the dishwasher from under the countertop...?

    The dishwasher is now surrounded by the:
    - countertop
    - under sink cabinet on the left
    - cabinet of drawers on the right
    - and the floor.

    The dishwasher hoses are not hooked up yet and the false "cabinet" face has not been mounted to the dishwasher door; so I also cannot open the dishwasher door or hook up the hoses.

    1. Can you identify the problem as to why I cannot roll the dishwasher out?
    2. Can you also suggest how I can remedy this problem.

    Thank you for helping me out here.

    Michael (not a handyman.)

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    Dishwashers do not "roll". but they normally can be pulled out. Normal installation has the dishwasher slipped into a cabintet space exactly 24" widef from edge to edge, about 32+ inches from underside of top, to floor. Remember that there are two hold-down brackets either on the top of the DW, or sometimes on the upper sides, if countertop is granite. These keep it from tipping, and come off with one screw.

    Here are some things that can be "mis-planned"

    If any'extra' trims were added at the sides, that is a problem/
    If the countertop is too low, the overhang or bullnose can interfere with the door.
    If the DW is installed on rough floor, then thick floor tiles are installed, this can make it impossible to get out.

    Please post some photos.

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    As stated there are two things that can make it difficult, if not impossible, to remove the dishwasher. IF the countertop hangs down too low, or the DW is installed on the rough floor and tile or the finished floor was installed afterwards, then there may be no solution other than to remove the countertop so the DW can be moved. And if that is the case, it will also have to be removed when the DW has to be serviced or replaced.

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