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Thread: New Energy Star Water Heater? Is it worth the rebate?

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    Cool New Energy Star Water Heater? Is it worth the rebate?

    Looking for some advice, here in Colorado we have a $100 rebate if we buy a "Green" water heater. With a family of five I have concluded 50 gallons is the minimum, but should I go bigger? and what is more important, gallons capacity or recovery, which I assume is a function of BTUs? So, on energy star's list there are 4 natural gas units with more than 40k BTUs
    1) Bradford White M4XRTW65T FBN 65 Gallons and 67k BTU
    2) Bradford White U4XRTW65T FRN 65 Gallons and 56k BTU
    3) Powerflex PDVG6250T 60NV 50 Gallons and 60k BTU
    4) Powerflex PVO6250T 60NV 50 Gallons and 60k BTU

    I have found the Powerflex units at Lowes, but I can not find an Internet source of pricing on Bradford White. In another post I saw discussions on buying Bradford White on line?
    any thoughts? or should I forget the rebate and just by a nice 75 Gallon 75,000 BTU mombo and feel guilty as I bask in near limitless hot water?
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