I am considering to do an oil conversion to gas, on my heating system.
The system is a hot water baseboard.

The plumber is recommending a Burnham Boiler, one of the 2 following models, the Alpine, which is a "Gas, Condensing, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger".
The other model is Series 2, which is a "Gas, Water, Cast Iron Heat Exchanger.
My understanding is that the condensing boiler is NOT designed for a baseboard system. Is it so?
I came across a 3rd model on Burnham web site, the SCG & PVG.
Any recommendations, as to which boiler to use?
I called Burnham, but they will NOT answer any question. They directed me to the plumber who will perform the job. Unfortunately, each plumber has his own agenda, and will answer my question accordingly.
My other question is, on a 2 zone system, should I use a circulating pump for each zone, or one pump with zone valves?
Thanks for any input.