I'm installing a new shower in a new bathroom. The two existing showers in the house have shower valves that are like the ones on many sinks - a lever that points downward/forward normally, swings left or right for temperature control, and lifts upwards for flow volume control. I don't see a brand name on either of the existing ones, but they are about 15 years old so possibly no longer made.

For the new shower, I'd like the same kind of valve - ie, same left-right temp control and lever lifting for flow control. I've looked in local stores, including plumbing shops and the usual Home Depot/Lowe's and can't find anything like that for a shower. Everything I see is no flow control, with 0-270 degree rotation for cold/off to hot, or, knobs that rotate for temp control and pull out for flow control. Online, I do see some with separate rotating controls for temp and control, but I'm not sure how they work and they are very expensive. There may be some that are what I want, but it's not at all clear from the description if they operate that way. There may also be some that are so outrageously expensive - upwards of $400 - that they are out of the question.

Do such fixtures still exist for showers, and if so, where do I look for them? What are the key words ion describing them so I know it's what I want. I'd prefer Moen, but their PosiTemp is the 0-270 temp control with no flow control, and their MoenTrol seems to only have the pull out knob for flow control, not the lifting lever. The pull out knob gives poor flow control compared to the lever - certainly unacceptable for those with physical limitations.

Anybody able to help?