My bedroom is about 14 x 16 or so and has only one wall that is connected to the rest of the house. There is a window in each of the three freestanding walls. Each window is pretty old and although we did have storm windows added to the outside about 15 years ago, I feel that they are leaky. I can hear cars driving by. The outside of the building is made from rubble stone, maybe 12 inches think. The walls and ceiling is plaster. Above the room is attic and I know that there is insulation on the floor of that section of the attic. The floor is wood and below this section of the house is another bedroom downstairs. The wood floor is always cold. I am thinking that there is no insulation in the walls between the stone exterior and the plaster interior. If I feel the plaster walls with my hand, in the winter they are usually quite cold. There are baseboard hot water radiators on those 3 walls.

What is the best way to work on the heating for this room? I was thinking that the first crack at it would be to replace the 3 windows with efficient (tax deduction) ones. If that doesn't work, I could put in radiant heat under the floor since I have an extra existing connection on a radiant heat fitting in the boiler. In this case I would need someone to demolish the plaster cieling of bedroom below mine, put in the radiant heating, and then have someone come back to sheet rock the ceiling again. Or perhaps the answer is to have the plaster walls to my room demolished and for insulation to be installed, and then sheet rocked again. We are in NJ.

I need to be cost effective since money is definately an issue. Any recommendations?