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Thread: leaking compression fittings on supply valves

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    Default leaking compression fittings on supply valves

    This morning I discovered, unfortunately not until considerable water had collected, that the fitting downstream of the push-pull type supply valves to my dishwasher and sink hot water. Constant little dripping from this crimp, compression-type fitting, integral to the supply tubing. (Sorry, I don't know the correct terms.)

    How do I fix this? Can I simply squeeze harder on these fittings? Do I have to buy new valves? (How are these attached to the copper supply lines?)

    Many thanks in advance.

    - Mark

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    Could you take a digital picture and post it?
    max size should be 400 pixels.

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    Default valve

    They slide on and are held by "teeth" about the only way to remove them is to pull them while twisting them.


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