Is flexible (roll) copper going to be a safe choice for supply lines to a bath?

Quick situation: remodeling house, and have some limited attic access. Houses in the neighborhood (built in 1960-63) have started having copper pinhole leaks, fitting leaks, etc.

I have an easy way to repipe most of the house before I hit those same issues. However I have one bath which is 50' away from the rest of the plumbing.

I have not run across a local plumber that is confident in PEX. I would prefer not to use copper pipe or CPVC as that would leave me with 5-6 fittings inside my attic ceiling - attic is not accessible from above, but is accessible from below right now while i'm remodeling.

One plumber has suggested flexible copper roll. Aside from the prohibitive cost of materials, I like the idea of a continuous run of pipe through the attic for leak resistance. Anything else I should be aware of with this approach?