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Thread: poor placement of holes for tub fixtures

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    Exclamation poor placement of holes for tub fixtures

    In the master bath that we're renovating, the plumber drilled holes into the Kohler whirlpool for the faucet fixtures. Unfortunately. the 5 holes (3 for the faucet and handles, the divertor, and the hand held) aren't where I wanted them to be. Currently, they are all lined up in a row on the outer side of the tub which (a) doesn't display the beautiful faucet well and (b) doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. Is there any way to repair and seal up the 5 holes and start over. Can it be done so that the tub will look like new? Help!!!!! Time is running out .....My tile contractor is about to finish tiling the apron of the tub and then I won't be able to make any changes.



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    Yellow pages, bathtub repairs.

    Yes, fiberglass can be patched.

    Where do you intend to put the faucet?

    I hope not on the back, where you would have to lean over three feet to reach the handles.


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