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Thread: retrofit weeping tile

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    Default retrofit weeping tile


    when installing weeping tile on an existing basement, Footing with concrete wall. do you run the weeping tile under the footing ? or drill threw the footing? It seems to me the smarter choice would be running it under the footing but then you will be very low to the sump pump

    please let me know what is the best practices


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    I have used the following method on several retrofit homers with 100% success of:

    Don’t drill through the footings or wall !

    • Break out concrete basement floor approximately 18 " from the outside walls.
    • Dig out a trench to the bottom of your footing. (Below floor, 1' to 2' deep)
    • On the very first course of block, drill a series of Ύ" hole into each block cavity releasing any trapped water from within the block.
    • Install drainage board in front of drilled holes from the weeping tile trench up wall to just below the bottom of the floor.
    • Place 4" weeping tile (Fabric covered) beside your footing.
    • Inside weeping tile can now be hooked up to sump box or closest floor drain.
    • Excavated area should be covered with Ύ" gravel to just below floor level
    • Re-pour concrete floor leaving Ύ gap space at wall

    Success !
    A lot of work but well worth it. I never did understand why builders just did not put weeping tile and proper exterior sealing and drainage board on foundations.

    Do not drill holes into a poured concrete wall.
    • To install an inside weeping tile system for a poured concrete foundation, the process is the same.
    • Drainage board will allow any water, that has gained entry, to freely drain into new weeping tile system..

    1. Again, do not drill holes into a poured concrete wall or footings !
    2. Do not dig deeper than the bottom of your footing.

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    You can go under the footing and then back up to the pit's location if necessary. It just creates a "trap" in the line that the water can pass through. NEVER, NEVER drill the footing. It has "rebar" in it to stabilize the concrete and if you cut it, which you would have to do, it would severely weaken the building's structure.

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