I have three issues that I'm wondering if they are related. I have city water that has improved over the years, but have still kept using the softener. Family of 4 Autotrol 255 I believe.

Point #1 - when we have family up, they sometimes say they can detect a chlorine smell to the water? Sometimes more intense than others.
Point#2 - water that sits, in toilet for instance, sometimes leaves a very light rust colored film in the bowl (can be easily brushed away)
Point #3 - the softener seems to be cycling correctly, but when I look into the salt tank, which is roughly 12-18" filled with water, the water is slighly rust colored, and you can see a mark on the side of the tank where it's discolored compared to the top 2/3 of the tank. There was also some salt that had compacted at bottom of the tank that I broke up.

Are these points related? Normal? Do I need to clean out the tank, refill with that amount of water and top off the tank with salt? I've kept the tank filled with salt consistently. But now wondering if I have something else going on.

Thank you for your help.