My toilet flushes real slow. Seemed like something got stuck in there so I got a closet auger and snaked it to death but nothing came out. Seems like the auger gets stuck on something halfway but when I push it with force it finally goes through.

After all that snaking it still flushes slowly or gets clogged. So I finally removed the toilet and turns out there's nothing on the other end!

So I put the toilet in the bathtub and tried the method of pouring lots of water in it nice and fast and sure enough it was still clogged. I ran the auger back into the toilet but this time I did it on the other end since I had it out.

Ran more water through it afterward and some peices of toilet paper came out. Now it seems like the water goes through it pretty quick. But I'm not convinced however. Water goes down it quick but you don't hear the usual gurggle at the end when the toilet is flushed.

It feels like to me something is stuck in there halfway and when you flush toilet paper down there then it gets snagged onto that object. When I run my auger through it it still gets stuck halfway. Can't get my hands in on the other end since the opening is kind of small.

What should I do next?