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Thread: HELP with installing Fault Interrupter Electrical Outlet!!!!

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    Default HELP with installing Fault Interrupter Electrical Outlet!!!!

    I have a very big problem that I need some help with. I have to replace a fault interrupter electrical outlet in my mothers basement for her, the only outlet in the basement. When I took the plate off to replace it I seen that whoever installed it never put a ground wire through the conduit to the outlet. Is it safe for me to replace it and hook it up the same way, without the ground wire. Or is there a way to ground the fault interrupter electrical outlet out without running new wire? I'm no good at all with wiring and have no clue whatsoever. Maybe a short wire to the electrical box to the plug in? Need some help with this so I can get it fixed for her!!

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    If the box is steel and the run is all in steel conduit back to the panel, you can use a ground pigtail from the box to the outlet. The screw on the end of the pigtail must be an approved screw with a machine screw thread.

    These components are available in the electrical dept of most decent hardware stores.

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    If this is a Ground fault receptacle ( GFCI ) is is legal to install it without a ground. It still provides the ground fault protection.
    Now, if that receptacle was supposed to have a ground by code when it was installed, that is different.

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    It will still provide protection. The thing looks for a balance between the hot and neutral (return - eventually to ground) lead. If they are the same, nothing is leaking that could hurt you. If what's going back to the power panel isn't the same as what was coming out, then there's a ground fault - i.e., it's leaking, maybe through you, and it shuts the power off.

    If it has load and line leads, and both are being used, just make sure to match those up when installing, or it won't be providing protection to anything downstream on the load side.

    Having an actual ground just adds to the safety factor, but it is still safe and an approved installation.
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