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Thread: What to watch for with pex?

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    Go with Uponor and forget the manablock.

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    Thanks Peter, Does it take long for the tubing to shrink back onto the fitting? copper or pex from meter to house? 30feet or so.

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    Default What to watch for with pex?

    I plan on re plumbing my 1920 home with pex.I had a plumber come to give me an estimate but he never came back with a estimated price. 3 years later and I Plan on doing it myself. I found a kit for $350 that would do my little house.I also plan on using a manifold.the kit is hydro pex crimp style system and I was looking at a magnabloc 14 port manifold $99. I also see a uponor kit (expansion) for $550. I plan on all of the pex and manifold to be installed under my house I live in California near Sacramento. Our weather is mostly mild during winter (maybe a total of 1 week below 32 for the entire winter. My questions are: Is one system superior over the other?, Is it ok to have the manifold in the crawl space under the house?, Is it better to run copper up through the walls for stub out or use pex? What brand manifold to use? I have a need for 6 cold water supplies and 5 hot water supplies not including 2 outside faucets.


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