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Thread: What is standard size pex ?

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    Default What is standard size pex ?

    For running supply lines to bathrooms and kitchen ? We dont have anything extra out of the ordinary. Bathroom is tub/shower, toilet, and sink. The kitchen will have sink and possible future dishwasher. So then would the 1/2" pex supply lines be alright or would we need to consider larger ?

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    Run 3/4' mains with 1/2" branches to each fixture. Avoid putting two fixtures on 1/2".


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    I think I understand. I want to make sure the plumber runs 3/4" hot/cold supply lines to the bathrooms but branches off from that 3/4 and go down to 1/2" for each individual fixture. Each bathroom will have toilet, sink, and shower so I guess 1/2" wont be enough to be a supply line for those three.
    Thanks for the help

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    Default Pex

    Who is doing the design work, you or the pumber? I do not ask my customers how to do my job.

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    hj I have sent you a pm.


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