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Thread: Which is the real tub bottom?

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    Default Which is the real tub bottom?

    I'm looking at the installation guide for my new bathtub (Laurel Mountain Whirlpools 42x72 acrylic soaking tub from Lowe's), and trying to figure out which part of the tub is supposed to sit on the actual floor.

    Beneath the tub's acrylic bottom is an OSB panel. That panel is sitting on two hollow fiberglass shells. The manual seems to imply that the shells sit on the floor, but I'm not entirely convinced they aren't just for shipping, and the OSB is what's intended to sit on the floor. The fiberglass shells just don't look terribly strong.

    Here's the relevant paragraph from the manual:

    Floors of bathtubs are reinforced in the factory by installing a wood subfloor and a molded fiberglass base. Bases are designed to give uniform support to the tub floor.
    That seems to suggest that the inverted bowl-like fiberglass shells are supposed to stay and serve as the tub's ultimate foundation... but I could definitely use some reassurances, or at least some other opinions about whether the shells are clearly the base, or whether it needs more investigation.

    I'm attaching a pic of the front of the manual (I can't get a good pic of the actual tub, because it's sitting in the bathroom along with the old tub right now, and there's barely room to walk in there, let alone get a good vantage point for a photo)
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