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Thread: Tub / Shower Valve Question

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    Default Tub / Shower Valve Question

    I have to go work on a couple of Simmons Temptrol 2 which I have never worked on B 4...

    The problem with the valve is it is extremely hard to turn on...once it is on it turns freely...it is just hard from the off position to on... the people are elderly...will a spindle replacement fix the problem or does the valve need to be replaced...

    I guess it also has a couple of seats...not sure if they could have anything to do with it being hard to turn on...
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    Hey Cass,
    Greetings from Symmonsville.
    We have quite a few here... Very Popular!

    Replace the TA-!0 Spindle, diverter/volume spindle and both seats.
    A special tool is required for seat removal and hard water can make removal difficult.
    The outer seat strips out easily and although you can cut and dig it out with great effort I usually declare game over and replace it if it strips out.
    The plastic diverter spool can be removed easily by threading in a lag bolt with the brass washer removed I forget but I think 5/16 works.
    Make sure the diverter/volume spindle is replaced with the same color black or white as one is for tub/shower and the other is for shower only. A 1/2" fitting brush can clean scale out of the diverter bore.

    I have a tool made by raven products I use which has everything covered but you can get by without it.

    Generally the Symmons parts are expensive and the valve can be bought for less than $90 so I buy a valve and switch over the parts.

    That way if the seat strips out it just changes to an install.

    Make sure the spindle is in the open position when installing or removing...

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