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Thread: Low bathtub faucet/shower pressure

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    Post Low bathtub faucet/shower pressure. Someone help. Terry?

    confused:Please someone help!!
    This bathroom is upstairs. The bathroom was remodelded about 3 months ago. This bathroom had not been used util resently. The problem is that when I open the bathtub faucet very little water comes out. (I can hear the water running trough the pipes). No water from the showerhead when I pull the lever up. However, if I open the sink's faucet while the bathtub faucet is running then the water pressure increases and more water comes out. Then, I am able to pull the lever up for the showerhead and it works! I can not have the sink faucet running whenever someone wants to take a shower! I thought it could be something inside the valve. I tried opening it to look at it but I do not know what I am looking for. I also removed the spout of the bathtub and checked for blockages, but did not find anything. Also, I removed the showerhead and looked for blockages and found a little brown pebble, removed it, but still had the same problem. The new faucet is a single handle pricepfister. I have no previous plumbing experience so I would appreciate an easy to understand response.
    I hope someone can help.

    Thank you
    Thank so much
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