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Thread: Remodeling Bathroom: Need advice with plumbing/venting

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    Default Remodeling Bathroom: Need advice with plumbing/venting

    Hey Everyone,

    I at the point of my bathroom remodel that I need to hook up the plumbing. It is not really a remodel as the room was supposed to be a bathroom but it was never finished. The plumbing was roughed in...but I have some questions. Hopefully, someone can help me out.

    In the first pic below is a pic of the rough in below the floor. The 3" pipe going to the left is capped The 2" pipe coming off the 3" at a 45 is capped. The 1.5" pipe on the right is connected to the 3" pipe under the insulation and acts as the drain for the sink. (see pic 2). In the second pic, the pipe on the right connects to the 1.5' pipe in pic 1. The pipe going into the floor on the right is capped off.

    So my question is....

    Can I use the the 2" pipe coming off the 3" pipe for the shower drain? and if so, is this 2" drain supposed to be vented to the right hand side pipe in pic 2? The shower drain is positioned in about the place where I was standing to take the pic 2.

    Hopefully my description is clear. Let me know if you have any questions.



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    Default Dwv

    We do not know what the intention was. I do not see a toilet drain opening, and the water line which might be for a toilet is MUCH too high to be useful.


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