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Thread: Sand will not end

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    Two years ago I replaced the drop point in my well which is on my recreational property. It is jet pump system and is 65' deep and has a 2" casing. I did not know what gauge the original point was so we went with a 60 gauge point. We ran the system for hours to clear out the sand and it seemed to work. It was just a few weeks later we had sand throughout our piping and trailers. I bought a spiral filter with a 100 micron screen and this keeps the sand out of the piping and trailers but I still fill the filter and it backs up into the pump. We blow the filter down continuously. I attach a garden hose ahead of the filter each time we go up to the land and let it run for hours trying to clear the system. Could I have the wrong gauge point? The whole area is sand and as far as you dig it's sand and very few rocks. Is there a way to measure the sand that is in the filter in order to size the screen gauge in the point properly? Can I get too fine of point screen and have issues with it plugging up? If my 100 micro filter stops the sand is there a micron to gauge comparison? What in microns is a 60 gauge point screen? I'm worried about ruining my pump.

    Thanks for your help.
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