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Thread: Surging and Sometimes No Pressure

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    Default Surging and Sometimes No Pressure

    I recently noticed a drop in my water pressure as well as some surges.
    Eventually after running water for 5 mins, the water pressure nearly stopped or trickled.
    I drained the tank (Well-X-Trol WX-202 20gal) which initially spit out about 2 quarts of black sediment when I gave the tank a shake.
    I also replace the pressure guage (completely rotted) and the pressure switch which looked a bit corroded (the contacts looked kinda crusty).
    When I turned the breaker for the pump back on, the tank filled right up and pressure was better but the surges were still there.
    After about a week the pressure is back to zero. Sometimes hours later the pump will mysteriously fill the tank but only between 20 -30 psi.
    Enough time for a cold 3 min shower but then back to zero. Now when the pump runs and doesn't reach 50psi to shutoff, the breaker trips.
    I can get the pump to work only when I drain or empty the tank and turn the breaker back on. I don't get any sediment but the water looks slightly tinted brown/copper color.
    Even some of our laundry was stained when we first noticed the surges and pressure drop.
    Our well is 600ft deep and the pump is at 400ft and the well was fracked. We have been here for 8 years without a problem with pressure or supply. I'm not sure what pump
    we have but it is 2 wire and I think 1hp. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    check the electrical connections first, then get an amp draw when the pump is running. with the pump at 400' that's about all you are going to be able to do. You will need someone with the right equipment to pull that one out of the hole.

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    It sounds as if you should check the water level in the well. It sounds as if the water level has decreased to where the pump is having a problem pumping from that depth.

    If that is happening you could have a larger pump installed deeper in the well, like 580', that can pump from a water level down to like 575 feet.

    Either way, you need a low pressure safety switch or another form of pump protection to prevent the pump from running dry.
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    Default I suspect a well problem.

    As Gary said, it sounds as though your water table may have dropped. You may need to monitor the electric drawn by the pump with an Amprobe to watch for unusual amp changes. This could indicate that your pump may be pumping the well down and sucking air. This could also cause the low pressure. If this is the case you may have to replace the pump with a pump that will pump deeper and install the pump nearer to the well bottom. Depending on the diameter of the well casing, installing a pump deeper in the well would gain you several gallons of storage in the well. A 4" casing would give you 3/4 gallons per foot and a 6" diameter well would give you 1-1/2" gallons per foot of storage in the well.

    When installing a new pump you may also want to consider installing a Cycle Sensor to save your pump from wearing out and from running dry. Check out http://www.cyclestopvalves.com/produ...ml#cyclesensor.



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