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Thread: 10" Rough-in with Dual Flush?

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    Question 10" Rough-in with Dual Flush?

    Do there exist toilets with ten-inch rough-in and dual flush?

    The space requires a compact toilet with a 10" rough-in. I would like to have a reliably flushing, water-efficient toilet with the dual flush feature. I have yet to find anything with that combination of features.

    Phil K.

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    Caroma makes a dual flush that has a swivel adapter that let's you install between 10" and 12"

    The 270 bowl uses an offset adapter so you can adjust the rough-in from 12" to 10"

    Underneath the Caroma 270 bowl.
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    Question Follow-up questions

    Thank you for the possible answer.

    I had eliminated Caroma from my search because the claim that "one size fits all" usually means it fits none.

    Since there are no other candidates, I guess I will reconsider. I can imagine that a "swivel adaptor" might enable connection to a waste pipe over a range of rough-in distances. But what about the holes for the bolts that hold the bowl part to the floor? I find myself suspecting I will have to make new bolt holes at possibly very inconvenient locations.

    Also, what is the exact criterion for measuring the "length" ("overall length"?) of a toilet? The front of the bowl of the current toilet is 27 5/8 inches from the wall. The opposing cabinet door barely clears this now. The Caroma claims a length of 28 3/8 inches. Are we talking about furthest distance from any part to the back wall? If so, then measured under what "rough-in" distance?


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