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Thread: Roman Tub Faucet Install

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    Default Roman Tub Faucet Install

    I am installing a jacuzzi whirlpool drop-in tub in my bathroom. The tub is a 32 x 60 that is sold at Lowes. I called jacuzzi and they said I could drill holes and install the faucet (and handspray) in the triangular flat areas in each corner of the tub.

    The problem I am having is that the underside of these flat areas is not flat, there are ripples and angles and built-up areas. When I put the fixture parts into the holes, the washer from the bottom (about 2" Diameter) does not lay flat, which would tilt the fixture. The worst gap from one side of the washer to the other is about 1/8".

    What is the proper procedure for dealing with this? I can either sand off the high part until its flat or add some material to build up the low area until flat.

    What do the pros do when they have to deal with this?


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    Default tub

    We do not have to deal with it because we only install "good" tubs. If the area was designed for the faucet, it should have been "thicker" and the thick portion should be smooth on the bottom. If your area is not smooth, and the faucet does not install properly, it WILL loosen up eventually.

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    That really bites. I'd say use a grinder.
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