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Thread: Solution for caulking between tile and tub

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    Default Solution for caulking between tile and tub

    I just retiled a tub surround sound with fairly dark tiles and grout. The tub is white. The caulk that matches the grout is a color called "chocolate truffle." It looks good everywhere except where it goes along the tub. I have done plenty of caulking and know how to do it pretty well, but the stark contrast between the dark cault and white tub shows very clearly where it is uneven. I want this to look as good as possible, and am thinking it might be better to remove the dark cault alon the tub and go with a clear caulk. Am I missing a trick to make this caulk perfectly even... am I expecting "perfection" where it is unlikely... or am I best off going with the clear? Thanks for the help!

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    Default caulk

    You make it "perfectly even" by applying masking tape along both sides of the bead, then removing the tape after striking the cove to give a straight line.

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    Clear tends to look shiney, so if you don't want to color match the grout, use white to match the tub.
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    I used the masking tape trick. Looks great now. Thanks. Not sure how I got this old without learning that, but I did.

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