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Thread: Drake install question

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    Default Drake install question

    Just bought my first drake today and put it in. One problem I had with the install though... the instructions seem very clear about the tank making three points of contact with the bowl. I wasn't able to get mine to make contact on any of these though... the rubber gasket seems to stick up too high, and I was concerned about overtightening it and breaking something...

    Right now it's not making contact on any of those 3 points, just sitting on top of the gasket. It's got maybe 1/8" space from the bottom of the tank to the 3 raised points on the bowl. The tank isn't leaking, but I'm wondering if its ok to leave it like that, or if I should just go ahead and tighten it down further.

    I have a ST743S (drake) tank with a C744EG (eco-drake?) bowl. These should be compatible, right?

    Thanks! And thanks for all the great info on this site. I'm hoping that I too will be able to throw away my plunger...

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    It should read something like "no more than three points"

    Four points would break something.

    If it's tight and no leaks, it must be good.
    You can try pushing with one arm down while you tighten with the other.
    Too tight is not good though.

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    I have installed two of these recently and I can tell you that you won't break the tank ... just alternate torqueing the bolts and get a flashlight to see when the porcelain just starts to make contact or use a thin piece of paper as a gage (and go no farther). If you don't make contact, the rubber will compress over time from the weight and the tank will be very unstable
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