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Thread: Sewer smell in one bedroom

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    Unhappy Sewer smell in one bedroom

    We have a "villa style" ranch with two bathrooms. Back at the beginning of summer I noticed that the guest bathroom toilet had leaked from I guess a bad wax ring. This only happened once that I know of and of course I have bumpy flooring that I can see from the basement side. This area now is dry but shows the damage.

    This last week my daughter's bedroom has developed a "musty" smell which we all agree must be a sewer smell. It is only in her bedroom and the bedroom does not share a wall with the bathroom. The bathroom entrance is accross the hall from her door.

    Room was completely emptied this last week. Carpet shampooed and walls repainted. Smelled pretty good in there "empty" of belongings. Everything was moved back into the bedroom and this morning we are back to where we started. I don't have any dry traps that I can find including the basement. The ONLY room that smells is her bedroom.


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    Do a smoke test on your DWV system to locate the leak.


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