Hi, brand new to the forum here...

I tried multiple searches and haven't found a solid answer to my question, so I aplogize in advance if this has been asked/answered before!

since this past summer (when I ran over the well head with a bush hog...oops!) we've had issues with our water pressure. I called the well installer, had him come out and fix the damage, and figured that would be that.

Less than a month later, I had him back out due to pressure problems. He replaced the switch and expected that to fix the intermittent problem. A week later, his guys were back out, replacing the switch again. The pressure tank was drained and repressurized/tested each of these times.

As soon as winter got underway, we began having problems with pressure again. Called the well guy again, and this time he said the pump must be failing. The well was installed in the summer of 2004...seems a little soon, but okay. He brought the rig out, pullled the pump up, then tested it just to make sure it wasn't working properly. Of course, the pump performed extremely well, with more than adequate gpm. So, back into the well went the pump.

The current theory is that the buried pressure tank is the culprit, and so, when we experience a drop in pressure, we add air to the tank, buying us several more weeks of good pressure.

To alleviate the need to regularly add air to the tank, the well installer told us to buy a second pressure tank and attach it to our frost free hydrant that is located in a heated room in our barn. He made it sound very simple and straightforward: run an intake line from the hydrant to the tank, and attach a spigot to the tank to obtain water from that point. We have another frost free hydrant that is about 200 feet from the well, and from what I understand, the second pressure tank will serve the entire system, including the remote hydrant.

The pressure switch is currently outside by the well--would this need to be moved to the indoor location with the new pressure tank, or can it remain where it is?

How does this whole plan sound? I feel like I'm missing something, that it can't be as simple as he explained.