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Thread: Faulty Water Softener.

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    Default Faulty Water Softener.

    Hi i`ve got an old Kinetico Compak water softener that as started to play up.
    I don`t know much about them so i`m after some help.

    The water as been soft on and off so it occassionally works and use`s salt.
    When doing manual regens all the water seems to run to the drain also a week ago it kept over flowing until i emptied it and cleaned it out.One more thing the top wheel on the water meter doesn`t appear to turn.

    Any ideas ???

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    Default softener

    Two suggestions.
    1. Throw it away and get a good softener that does require that the company service it.
    2. Call Kinetico and have them fix it. Be prepared for a large invoice total., unless it is still under warranty.

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    I agree with HJ although I think he meant to say buy a new softener that does 'not' require that the company service it.
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