I have been given a beautiful, huge 60"X42" roman tub. It has three holes in the outside corner of the deck. I will be installing it after ripping out the existing tile and tub (all standard and very ugly). I need to keep the shower with the tub. My problem is this: I can only find valve/faucet assemblies that are just for a roman tub, or that have a diverter for a hand-held shower. Those all seem to require 5 hole installation. I don't want a hand-held. Can that type of faucet be connected to the existing shower pipe in the wall? As an alternative, I've thought about replacing the existing 2-handle tub/shower valves/faucets with a new set (all wall-mounted) and putting undermounted soap/shampoo dispensers in the holes in the deck of the tub. Any advice/thoughts/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!