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    As mentioned in a previous post, we've been having these black specks that are hard to clean. The plumber just called back and advised that it's actually manganese. A temporary fix is to have the anode rod replaced and the tank cleaned (with bleach) But he said that since it's a mineral in the water that reacts with the heating process it will come back.

    He recommended a tankless water heater (or electronic heater) as a premanent fix to the removal of the black specks. These are very expensive, of course. Before we engage in considering this, I thought I'd ask for feedback from others as to whether or not this is a suitable recommendation and if it would in fact eliminate our problem.

    Also, does anyone know how long these anode rods last before we might see these black specks again? Want to determine if it's worth putting the money towards replacing for a tankless heater NOW vs. dealing with the temporary fix until we can truely budget for it.

    Lastly - any alternative options you would recommend?
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