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Thread: Pulled pump yesterday , Have ?

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    Default Pulled pump yesterday , Have ?

    I have posted previously about having turbid well water after heavy rain . I decided to pull my pump to find out what I could about my well . The well has 6" plastic casing which sticks up 16" above ground level . The well is 44'
    9" deep from the top of the casing to the bottom of the well . Ground level to bottom of well is 43' 5" . There is 28' 1" of water in the well . The bottom of the pump is 22' 3" below the water level . Bottom of pump to bottom of well is 5' 10 " . There is a 4" casing inside the 6" casing . Top of 4" casing is 5' 5 1/2 " below top of 6" casing . I feel pretty sure the 4" doesn't have a jaswell seal on it . My father-in-law had the well drilled & he told me that after the driller went through bed-rock he hit some type of red rock . They were concerned the red rock would cave in on the pump so they put the 4" in to prevent that . The 4" is thinwall & has a joint of perforated on the bottom .
    I purchased a Pro-Lab water quality test kit & tested the water today .
    PH is 7.5 - Total Alkanlinity is 180 - Total Chlorine is 0 - Total Hardness is 120
    Iron is less than 0.1 - Copper is 0 - Nitrate is less than 2 - Nitrite is 0 .
    If I am correct all I need to do now is test for bacteria & solve my turbidity problem . Since my well is as shallow as it is I'm thinking of pulling the 4" out & installing a jaswell seal on 4" casing . How hard is it to force the jaswell seal down the 6" casing & into the bedrock below the bottom of the
    6" casing ? I have access to a backhoe . Do you think a backhoe could be used to force the 4" with the jaswell seal down the hole ? It seems that either a jaswell seal or a filtering system are my options ?
    According to the test kit I used all of the numbers are OK ? Thanks in
    advance for any & all replies . Sorry for the long winded post .

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    I would check the PH and for Bacteria after the next rain. That is when I would be worried about both of them changing.

    This Well sounds like it was drilled by a not Pro and was doomed from the start.

    Pulling the 4" may not be too tough, but if they put this into something that can cave in, putting it back may be a major challenge. Without proper drilling equipment, these things are better left alone.



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